Battle at Hill 124 - ShackTac platoon is assigned to clear and hold the hill. They insert via helicopter over a mile from the objective and advance on foot.

Click the arrow below to follow them into battle.

Blue represents friendly ShackTac units while red represents enemy units.

After encountering light resistance at long range both Bravo and Charlie squads take up blocking positions on the west and south sides of Hill 124. Alpha squad prepares to clear the town to the east.

Charlie squad takes fire from the north, losing several members of fireteam 2 including the author.

Meanwhile, Bravo spots two T-90 main battle tanks advancing on their position from the west with infantry support. The tanks open fire.

While all ShackTac squads engage the enemy contacts, platoon command requests emergency airlift back to base for the entire formation.

Andrew "dslyexci" Gluck maneuvers a transport helicopter around the area to the south and approaches from the east, using Hill 124 as cover.

Alpha and Bravo destroy the T-90 tanks with missiles. The transport crests Hill 124, directly above Bravo squad, and is immediately struck by multiple enemy RPGs from the north. Gluck manages to swing the crippled craft down and away from Bravo, crashing barely 50 feet away and saving several lives.

Platoon command decides to abandon Hill 124. Moving their wounded to safety, they then advance the entire formation into the weaker enemy line. They destroy three enemy squads on their way to an alternate extraction area at the Brigade Halls.