After a challenging firefight all three ShackTac squads make it to the Brigade Halls. The area consists of two large hangars to the north and a few soft-sided tents to the south. To the east is a slope down, and Bravo squad assigns a fireteam to scout that area while medics tend to the wounded. Fresh enemy forces converge on the area.

Platoon command begins marking enemy infantry concentrations with purple smoke. An AH-6 "Little Bird" light attack helicopter engages those positions to the south. Meanwhile, a small section of enemy flank Bravo's scouting element. ShackTac is blind to the east.

Another transport helicopter attempts to land. When it does the entire formation rushes out of cover to board. At that point the enemy opens fire. The crew lives, but the helicopter is a total loss. Everyone retreats back to the compound for medical attention.

A second attempt to land at the compound results in another helicopter shot down. Fresh enemy forces converge on the position from the south.

Another Little Bird gun run, this time on the northern enemy position, significantly reduces the fire coming into the compound. While Bravo and Charlie are still patching themselves up and coordinating with the pilots and helicopter crewmen, the bulk of Alpha squad makes a break north west toward the beach.

With their leadership dead and platoon command out of radio contact, Rachelle "Jamball" Wastell rallies the soldiers and pilots still left in the compound. She coordinates an orderly retreat, which allows the pilots to be picked up by friendly forces and flown back to base. Her action at the Brigade Halls gives ShackTac more air units to aid in the fight later on.