Fleeing the Brigade Halls gives ShackTac the distance they need to patch up their wounds, spread out their remaining ammunition, and make a plan. They put their backs to the sea and prepare to defend themselves.

With all the transport choppers at their disposal wrecked, the only way off this beach is inside the last few Little Bird helicopters available. It will require at least two trips. The enemy converges on a hilltop and begins to bring a withering fire down on the infantry below.

Several of the choppers begin to orbit the enemy formation. They use sporadic fire to harass the enemy and bring as many of the guns to bear on them, while Alpha and Bravo load up and make their escape. That leaves Charlie, with Wastell in command, alone on the beach.

With only one infantry unit to attack, the concentration of enemy fire pushes Charlie back. Now only five strong (down from 16 at the beginning of the mission), they huddle together behind an almost imperceptible rise in the beach. Wastell fires her weapon relentlessly. They all take multiple wounds, but keep fighting.

Gluck (who respawned into the game after crashing on Hill 124) arrives to pluck them off the sand. There's no room left on the beach that's not exposed to enemy fire, so he actually hovers over the surf while they leap into the chopper. At that moment 'Kustom' is wounded and loses consciousness. There's no time to load him into the chopper, and he must be left behind.

Another pilot named 'Beagle' tries to rescue Kustom. Kustom suddenly regains consciousness, but his legs are too injured to stand. Coming in fast and low, Beagle drags the skids of the Little Bird across the beach. Shielding Kustom from fire, Beagle hovers in place long enough that Kustom can grab the skids. He's coming home.