15 songs mention Grey Poupon

He's the Don, have you seen my Grey Poupon? / Bust this, we roll more spliffs than Cheech and Chong
Artist: Das EFX Track: "East Coast" Album: Dead Serious Year: 1992
Fuck naw, I ain't got no Grey Poupon / Well, anyway, I said, "That's no burglar! That's my butler." / Mr. Rockefeller, let me in on the gossip / I heard you and Mr. Getty are getting into rap music or something
Artist: The Coup Track: "Pimps (Free Stylin at the Fortune 500 Club)" Album: MXMGJAN16 Year: 1994
What type of mission can I say you on? / Because you musta done changed to some Grey Poupon, heh
Artist: Big Daddy Kane Track: "Brooklyn Style...Laid Out" Album: Daddy's Home Year: 1994
I believe in rags to riches / Your inheritence won't last / So take your Grey Poupon, my friend / And shove it up your ass
Artist: Aerosmith Track: "Eat the Rich" Album: Get a Grip Year: 1994
Front and get your belly torn, I keep a Pelle on I'm fucking with Grey Poupon and Dom Pérignon
Artist: Big L Track: "Sandman 118 Freestyle" Album: Return of the Devil’s Son Year: 1995
I got the Grey Poupon, you been warned / 'Cause all beef return well-done filet mignon
Artist: Jay Z Track: "Cashmere Thoughts" Album: Reasonable Doubt Year: 1996
First of all, before we move on, this shit is like a Yukon, don / Spread it out like Grey Poupon
Artist: Ghostface Killah Track: "Assassination Day" Album: Ironman Year: 1996
My triple sevens broke the slot machines out in Queens / Grey Poupon is Revlon rap, smack pawns, swing like batons
Artist: Ghostface Killah Track: "Fish" Album: Ironman Year: 1996
You insist to be trippin' while we be gamin' like Don Juan / What up the filet mignon, the Grey Poupon
Artist: Twista Track: "Emotions" Album: Adrenaline Rush Year: 1997
I be burnin' MCs like Betty's grandson / Smokin Grey Poupon, boy / Two lines, I chew rhymes and make n----- fall like they was futons
Artist: Busta Rhymes (feat. Flipmode Squad) Track: "We Could Take It Outside" Album: When Disaster Strikes... Year: 1997
I try not to do wrong / But I want to be in that limo askin' for the Grey Poupon / for a change / I'm sick of saving change from a coupon
Artist: Elzhi Track: "Boomerang Slang" Album: Out of Focus EP Year: 1998
Toe - toes, with my brother / Pass the Grey Poupon / Hoe cronies, I don't know what the fuck y'all on
Artist: John Forté (feat. Pras) Track: "The Right One" Album: Poly Sci Year: 1998
First of all, before we move on / It's like a Yukon, son / Slide this on like Grey Poupon
Artist: Tash (feat. Raekwon) Track: "Rap Life" Album: Rap Life Year: 1999
Make that ass spread like some Grey Poupon / What level you on and can I get a coochie coupon
Artist: Ideal (feat. Jazze Pha) Track: "Sexy Dancer" Album: Ideal Year: 1999
So days are grey like Poupon / Full of pain like a toe with two corns with small shoes on
Artist: The Ambassador Track: "Hold Your Ground" Album: Christology: In Laymen's Terms Year: 1999
My nine stars spread bullets like Grey Poupon / I'm tryin to ice on my wrist and on my arm
Artist: Benzino Track: "Throw Them 3's (Boston Niggaz)" Album: The Benzino Project Year: 2001
But they still deny you relish / That shit is still pickles / They just gone like Grey Poupon / Acting all stingy with the mayo
Artist: Scarub Track: "Filling Space" Album: Heavenbound Year: 2001
See, we ain't even seen, the mountaintop counter clock / Wise goes the neighborhood hand-me-downs and canned goods / Won't cut the Grey Poupon we got that make you run
Artist: Outkast Track: "Funkin' Around" Album: Big Boi and Dre Present... OutKast Year: 2002
Get you in the mood, throw them slow grooves on / Spread you on a futon like Grey Poupon
Artist: Syleena Johnson (feat. Flipmode Squad) Track: "Tonight I'm Gonna Let Go (Remix)" Album: Chapter 2: The Voice Year: 2002
Soup's on! / And I got a coupon / Chinese restaurant asking for the Grey Poupon / He said, "No! Duck sauce, soy sauce! / And this ain't no Burger King, so you don't get no toy, boss
Artist: Viktor Vaughn Track: "Raedawn" Album: Vaudeville Villain Year: 2003
Say, would you pass the Grey Poupon? / Merci beaucoup
Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic Track: "Genius in France" Album: Poodle Hat Year: 2003
You Burger King, I'm filet mignon / So where the beef? / You mayo (Hah) / I'm Grey Poupon
Artist: Baby Blak Track: "Firewater" Album: Once You Go Blak Year: 2003
No shrimp, Dre eat prawns / And do you have any Grey Poupon
Artist: Mac Dre Track: "That's Wusup" Album: Ronald Dregan Year: 2004
See, I'm being tryin' to speak on / While you sit back and see me as a jar of Grey Poupon
Artist: Anybody Killa Track: "Nevehoe" Album: Dirty History Year: 2004
The power grocery n-----, flagrant wit asparagus / Stars wit the jewels on / I eat 'em up like Grey Poupon, my lil' cousin needs
Artist: Phonte Track: "69th Chamber Intercourse" Album: The Story of U.S. Year: 2005
I keep 20 in the pocket (Light Change) / Talk a buck 80 if the Bentley is the topic (That Grey Poupon)
Artist: Jim Jones (feat. T.K.) Track: "We Just Ballin'" Album: Harlem: Diary of a Summer Year: 2005
And vogue 'em out, take 'em to dinner like don / Shawn know who I am, serve me Grey Poupon
Artist: Kool Keith Track: "Seattle Tacoma" Album: The Commi$$ioner 2 Year: 2006
So if you got's the whip, you better get on / 'Cause if I pull up on, it won't be for Grey Poupon
Artist: DMX Track: "We in Here" Album: Year of the Dog... Again Year: 2006
She said "I ain't bonin you with them two long shoes" / And acting bougie in a Grey Poupon mood / So I'mma act cheap in a coupon mood
Artist: Kanye West (feat. Consequence) Track: "The Good, the Bad, the Ugly" Album: Don't Quit Your Day Job Year: 2007
Back in college I had to get my back up off the futon / I knew that I couldn't cop a coup with no coupons / Look at that neutron on his green like croutons / People asking him, "Do you have any Grey Poupon"
Artist: Common (feat. Kanye West) Track: "Southside" Album: Finding Forever Year: 2007
I got more clips than any movie you've saw / I pull up on ya like I need some Grey Poupon
Artist: Lil Wayne Track: "Boom" Album: Da Drought 3 Year: 2007
I get bread like croutons (dough), I make dough like croissants (bread) / I'm Grey Poupon (yep), Bentley baby (baby)
Artist: UNK (feat. E-40, Jim Jones, T-Pain) Track: "2 Step (Remix)" Album: Beat'n Down Yo Block! Year: 2007
Yea, you rollin' wit the King and the One / Country n----- in the Chevy passin' Grey Poupon
Artist: T.I. (feat. Nelly) Track: "Show It to Me" Album: T.I. vs. T.I.P. Year: 2007
I'm on another level, come on, man, look at my mustard / That's Grey Poupon, what planet you on?
Artist: Wisemen (feat. Killah Priest & Vast Aire) Track: "Iconoclasts" Album: Wisemen Approaching Year: 2007
I'm in that phantom, askin' for that Grey Poupon / Look at my arm, ya see the charm
Artist: Rich Boy Track: "The Madness" Album: Rich Boy Year: 2007
That mean they 24s, boy, what are you on? / I'm richer than a bitch without the Grey Poupon
Artist: Drake (feat. Lil Wayne) Track: "I Want This Forever" Album: Da Drought 3 Year: 2008
Y'all kids ain't cuttin the di-jon I pull up to ya car like Grey Poupon rookie / Pimpin' in that grey coupe on 20s, then I peel off like armed rangers
Artist: Lupe Fiasco Track: "You Me Him Her (Freestyle)" Album: Lupe the Jedi Year: 2008
So if your, G is tight and your paper's long / Your cape is on, she's there with that Grey Poupon
Artist: AZ Track: "No Strings" Album: Final Call (The Lost Tapes) Year: 2008
Rock paper, cop capers with the coupon / Now shorty asking me for the Grey Poupon / I like the smell of it, baby, get your shoop on
Artist: Das Racist Track: "Astro Brown" Album: Single Year: 2008
Passin L's like Grey Poupon / I don't even need a telly, I bank shorty on my futon
Artist: P. Casso Track: "Mr. Hollywood" Album: For Your Consideration Year: 2008
Bullets are wholesale, food stamps, coupons / Yellow mustard Phantom car it Grey Poupon
Artist: Fat Joe (feat. Lil Wayne) Track: "The Crack House" Album: The Elephant in the Room Year: 2008
Own restaurants, croissants, my Grey Poupons / Proceeds 'til we perceive the stunt like Donald Trump
Artist: J-Money (feat. Rick Ross) Track: "I'm Ballin" Album: My Life Check Me Out Year: 2008
If B.I. was alive, he'd prob'ly have the 2-tone / With the Grey Poupon, anything 'Ye poop on
Artist: Rick Ross (feat. T-Pain, Lil Wayne & Kanye West) Track: "Maybach Music II" Album: Deeper Than Rap Year: 2009
Yeah, you changed, man. You let the money change you, Jay / You used to be from Marcy n----/ Now you's a pass the Grey Poupon ass n----
Artist: Beanie Sigel (feat. 50 Cent) Track: "I Go Off" Album: Untagged Year: 2009
And n---- switch to this hustle when I got a new grind We keep jars of kush, no Grey Poupon / And circle locked and safe, nah, we don't need no new guys
Artist: Curren$y (feat. Young Roddy) Track: "Up Here" Album: This Ain't No Mixtape Year: 2009
She's Grey Poupon, I'm ranch dressing / Her folks think she's slumming now, I got her dad stressing
Artist: Intuition (Feat. Mayer Hawthorne) Track: "Make Her Mine" Album: A Strange Arrangement Year: 2009
President peers out and says / "Have you got some Grey Poupon?"
Artist: Jello Biafra & the Guantanamo School Of Medicine Track: "Pets Eat Their Master" Album: The Audacity of Hype Year: 2009
And if I had money, then I'd only wear Sean John / Eat my cereal with Grey Poupon
Artist: FM Static Track: "Man Whatcha Doin'" Album: Dear Diary Year: 2009
Grey Poupon / Lot of shark n-----, need to come clean
Artist: Doap Nixon Track: "It's About Me" Album: Single Year: 2009
Gartrelle Gordon, power like Zordon / Pardon morons, I eat louson and Grey Poupon / Know what kinda shit I'm on, well, what are you on / Dawg just move on
Artist: Das Racist Track: "(Ass Balls Face) Outer Space" Album: URC: Unreleased, Remixes, Collaborations Year: 2010
No rib tips, we take tips from the best chefs like Raekwon / Now pass the Grey Poupon, no MSG, no butter on my popcorn / This ain't a pop song, tell 'em
Artist: Strong Arm Steady (feat. Planet Asia) Track: "Chittlins & Pepsi" Album: In Search of Stoney Jackson Year: 2010
Can't tell me nothin, boy, like I'm Kanye West / Got weed on deck, Grey Poupon / Smoking all day, oh, my god!
Artist: Lil B Track: "Drop" Album: Freestyle / Mixtape Year: 2010
Ho says she can wait head to connect the cut like UConn / Shoot it like a hornet, spread that ass just like Grey Poupon
Artist: Bizarre (feat. KB & Fiona Simone) Track: "Pu$$y" Album: Friday Night at St. Andrews Year: 2010
On top, same side the roof's on / Roll the window down, ask for Grey Poupon
Artist: RiFF RAFF Track: "10 Minutes Away" Album: Freestyle Scientist Year: 2010
Listen to Wu-Tang, trying suits on / Accoutrements is Grey Poupon
Artist: Justin Bieber (feat. Raekwon & Kanye West) Track: "Runaway Love (Remix)" Album: Never Say Never Year: 2011
Mystikal, muthafucka: put your boots on / That's mustard: no Grey Poupon
Artist: Big Krit (feat. Yelawolf) Track: "Happy Birthday Hip Hop" Album: Last King 2 (God's Machine) Year: 2011
That I can move on from, so who wants some / Like a jar of Grey Poupon / You gotta ask anybody in any car / Want it? Or move on
Artist: Slaughterhouse Track: "Move On" Album: Slaughterhouse EP Year: 2011
I'm a true don, from here to Huston / Strong like a Yukon / No more jelly, strictly Grey Poupon
Artist: Big L Track: "Let Me Find Out" Album: The Danger Zone Year: 2011
I'm like Jimmy Neutron meets Huey Newton / Rolls Royce whipping, Grey Poupon / The square on top of his green like croutons
Artist: XV Track: "That's Just Me" Album: Zero Heroes Year: 2011
a new one / I poop on your egos and move on / Rolls Royce, back seat, no Grey Poupon / A true don, three-piece posh lil' suit on
Artist: T.I. (feat. B.o.B.) Track: "We Don't Get Down Like Ya'll" Album: Single Year: 2011
I'm in the back of a limo eating Grey Poupon / I've been rhyming since the mayor was Giulian / Rhyming since Bloomberg, you sitting in your room, nerd
Artist: Big Baby Gandhi Track: "Scum in Amerika" Album: Big Fucking Baby Year: 2011
Been broke too long, fuck this old futon, old food coupons, where that Grey Poupon? The coupes and Lou' Vuitton, boots by Louboutin
Artist: Phil Ade Track: "King" Album: A Different World Mixtape Year: 2011
What color is your exterior? The same as Grey Poupon / What, is you a baller? Yeah, but not LeBron
Artist: E-40 (feat. B-Legit) Track: "Drugs" Album: Revenue Retrievin': Overtime Shift Year: 2011
We some rich n-----, pass the Grey Poupon / Nah, dog, more like pass the purple blunt
Artist: Project Pat (feat. Juicy J) Track: "Kelly Green" Album: Loud Pack Year: 2011
Yeah, you're like a half-off coupon / Me, I'm like a fresh jar of Grey Poupon / Give me the mic quick, I need something to poop on
Artist: Dice Raw Track: "100" Album: The Greatest Rapper Never: Preservation Year: 2011
[Fool?] what the dealy, I've got the Grey Poupon / You been warned, I just started and n----- is well... [done?] / Filet mignon
Artist: P. Blackk Track: "Anim Blakyaw" Album: Blackk Friday Year: 2011
Fo’ sho’ it’s on / Spaghetti-Os and Grey Poupon
Artist: The Aquabats Track: "Food Fight on the Moon!" Album: Hi-Five Soup! Year: 2011
These rappers are jokes, we just play along / Roll down windows asking if they have some Grey Poupon
Artist: Andrew Huang Track: "Rhyme" Album: Hearing a Truth Serum Year: 2011
No grey, just Poupon / Just turn two-one, still livin' in group homes / And ready to leave the nest but can't digest without my moms or a coupon
Artist: Overdoz (feat. C-San) Track: "The Funktion" Album: Live For, Die For Year: 2011
Heard she pop that pussy for a fucking coupon / Bitch, I'm 'bout my bread, Grey Poupon
Artist: Dizzy Wright (feat. Jarren Benton) Track: "Hotel Stripper" Album: The First Agreement Year: 2012
Blond, but please don't think I'm dumb / I'm gettin' to this bread / Where's the Grey Poupon?
Artist: Iggy Azalea Track: "Hello" Album: Ignorant Art Year: 2012
Louboutins, hard as croutons / They comfortable like futons, they suede, Grey Poupon
Artist: The Game (feat. Rick Ross) Track: "Red Bottom Boss" Album: California Republic Year: 2012
I feel like Maserati Rick in '85, Grey Poupon / On my motherfuckin sandwich ho, cuttin' up some cantaloupe
Artist: DJ Mo Beatz (feat. Big Sean, Hbk, Sayitaintone & Dusty McFly) Track: "D-Boy" Album: Single Year: 2012
Lil Wayne: Fuck y'all n----- I'm way too strong, gettin' to the bread like Grey Poupon
Artist: Gunplay (feat. Lil Wayne) Track: "Banana Clips" Album: Single Year: 2012
I don’t wanna know if you have some Grey Poupon / Just great punan and a leg coupon
Artist: Tech N9ne (feat. Shabba Ranks) Track: "Boy Toy" Album: E.B.A.H. Year: 2012
Biddies, I scoop one / With finesse, like Grey Poupon / Shoop-a-doop, on a futon
Artist: Heems Track: "Bad, Bad, Bad" Album: Nehru Jackets Year: 2012
We used to pass Grey Poupon / Now I'm clipping coupons with an old touque on
Artist: MadChild Track: "Cyphin'" Album: Little Monster EP Year: 2012
Waitin' on the bars, bag full of Grey Poupon / We about CREAM, and the letters and the croutons
Artist: Raekwon (feat. JD Era) Track: "Goodfellas" Album: Unexpected Victory Year: 2012
Never liked them blue jawns / Grey Poupon in my lungs I am too gone
Artist: Gorgeous Children Track: "Splash Dem" Album: Gorgeous Children Year: 2012
Pardon me ... but would you happen to have any Grey Poupon / Fuck naw, bitch, we over here clippin' coupons (coupons)
Artist: E-40 (feat. B-Legit & Laroo T.H.H.) Track: "Outta Town" Album: The Block Brochure: Welcome to the Soil 1 Year: 2012
Grey Poupon mustard, same color as the yellow sun
Artist: Uptown XO (feat Messiah) Track: "Grey Poupon" Album: Colour de GREY Year: 2013
Pass that Grey Poupon, rich n---- talk / Gettin' that white folk money, what the fuck you thought?
Artist: Juicy J (feat. Wiz Khalifa) Track: "In the Stars" Album: Single Year: 2013
Spreading the fame of Christ like it's Grey Poupon / Over the predecessor of your plate's croutons
Artist: W.L.A.K. (feat. Alex Faith, Christon Gray, Dre Murray & Swoope) Track: "Reign Is Coming" Album: W.L.A.K. Year: 2013
These haters better catch up / ketchup, I’m getting Grey Poupon / I don’t save coupons, I’m balling like LeBron
Artist: Smoovie Baby (feat. D. Cannons) Track: "Blast Off" Album: 5 Hunnit Degreez Year: 2013
Riding low with your mom / In the Louis Vuitton champagne Rolls Royce / So you know that it's on / Pass the Grey Poupon (x4)
Artist: Riding Low Track: "Dirt Nasty" Album: Palatial Year: 2013
Got a red wine everyone Bordeauxs about / Fuck Hellman's, man, I'm Grey Poupon
Artist: ItsTheReal (feat. Lil Jon) Track: "Just to Make Dough" Album: Urbane Outfitters Vol. 1 Year: 2013
Got into it with my car until the roof gone / Catch up, you too far back in the Grey Poupon
Artist: Red Cafe (feat 2 Chainz) Track: "Drug Lord" Album: American Psycho Year: 2013
Rappers no frills and get shitted on / "K-Mart Mustard" MCs claiming that they "Grey Poupon"
Artist: DJ Revolution (feat. DJ Melo-D, DJ Infamous, DJ Craze & Chino XL) Track: "4+1" Album: In 12's We Trust Year: 2013
I'm straight from Section 8, I save coupons / Just bought a car, that bitch came with Grey Poupon
Artist: Kid Ink (feat. Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Trey Songz & Juicy J) Track: "Show Me (Remix)" Album: Single Year: 2014
No discounts, no coupons / But I got the Rolls Royce for the Grey Poupon
Artist: Major Lazer (feat Pharrell Williams) Track: "Aerosol Can" Album: Apocalypse Soon EP Year: 2014
Don't miss out on your blessing and be back stressing / Two-door mustard Dodge Grey Poupon in this bitch
Artist: Tinashe (feat. Jeezy) Track: "Pretend (Remix)" Album: Single Year: 2014
tea parties, sipping oolong / Somebody pass that Grey Poupon
Artist: Heath McNease (feat. Free Daps & Jimmy Ventura) Track: "Bounce House!" Album: Single Year: 2014
escape I'm in that grey coupe Grey Poupon / You shop on Groupon, I poop on you gay ass broads
Artist: Chuuwee Track: "Cool Groove" Album: Cool World Year: 2014
Reading dictionaries to jackers To properly rob Grey Poupon and dip crackers
Artist: Noble da Genius Track: "Bored'em" Album: The Cassette side B Year: 2014
Acting frugal at the store with a few coupons / Acting rich, saying, "Pass the Grey Poupon"
Artist: Charron (feat. Swisha T & MadChild) Track: "Enjoy the Show" Album: Lied to My Face Year: 2014
From futons to Grey Poupons / In church tryna get a little savings; yeah, a coupon
Artist: Eminem (feat. Danny Brown, Trick Trick, Royce da 5’9”, DeJ Loaf & Big Sean) Track: "Detroit vs. Everybody" Album: SHADY XV Year: 2014
More to insult dog, here to poop on / Sky's grey, not poupon
Artist: Homeboy Sandman Track: "The Butcher" Album: White Sands Year: 2014
Pardon me, mister, do you have some that Grey Poupon / Me and my driver smokin chronny, no, garçon, we keep them guns
Artist: Gucci Mane (feat. Lil Flash) Track: "Pari" Album: Trapology Year: 2015
I learned how to wrap the pack and Grey Poupon / 'Cause the scent was way too strong
Artist: CyHi the Prynce Track: "Master P" Album: Black Hystori Project 2: New Artists Aligning Cultural People Year: 2015
And that's the joy, I get on any track that I win dudes on / When I eat 'em, I dip 'em in Grey Poupon, tell 'em!
Artist: Phillie Tha Kyd (feat. Hopsin) Track: "On the Verge" Album: The Right Dose Year: 2015
Money uit de [?] let's get it on / Geen pindakaas maar alleen Grey Poupon / En dan nodigde ze me uit in haar con
Artist: De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig Track: "Straatmeermin" Album: Manon Year: 2015
She pull aside the ride, she ain't asking for no mustard / Grey Poupon, homicide on your butler
Artist: Nacho Picasso Track: "Mouth Full of Gold" Album: Stoned & Dethroned Year: 2015
Save your attitude, hun (Down diggy down) / Let's have bacon and pancakes / Who needs Grey Poupon? (Down diggy down)
Artist: Candice Pillay Track: "Party 4 Da Low" Album: The High Year: 2015
We all know who takes orders from Mr. Ailes, you pawn / Steaks and prawns with Grey Poupon
Artist: Greydon Square Track: "Omnithoughts" Album: Omniverse : Type 3 : Aum niverse Year: 2015
Rolling with all them cool birds / Leaving the Grey Poupon
Artist: Clear Soul Forces Track: "Claire" Album: Cheat Codes EP Year: 2015
I got more game out here than pooch hall / You acting like I'm eating with Grey Poupon
Artist: Skank Dollar Track: "A Clockwork Orange" Album: Skank Dollar's Change For a Dollar (The United Streets of America) Year: 2015
I hate coupons, I hate futons / And n----- wit' that little bread, I hate croutons / You all up in my mustard, pass the Grey Poupon
Artist: Kash Doll Track: "Cheap Shit" Album: Keisha vs. Kash Doll Year: 2015
Grey Poupon up out the window / Old school style, I’m a Nintendo
Artist: Golden Rules (feat. Eric Biddines) Track: "Talkin' 'Bout" Album: Golden Ticket Year: 2015
Save you like a coupon / Hustle 'til my dreadlock / Is grey as some Poupon
Artist: Lil Wayne Track: "My Name Is" Album: No Ceilings 2 Year: 2015
Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy, this is pure luxury / I give 'em Grey Poupon on a DJ Mustard, ah!
Artist: Kanye West Track: "Facts (Charlie Heat Version)" Album: Life of Pablo Year: 2016
You must heard like Grey Poupon / Swag on tap like Savion
Artist: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Idris Elba & Anderson.Paak) Track: "Dance Off" Album: This Unruly Mess I've Made Year: 2016
Over bread, it's an even spread, everybody runnin' for that Grey Poupon / It's Simon sez touch ya head, just so we can get ya coupe on
Artist: C'ZR Track: "Monkey Say. Monkey Do." Album: Thirty-Two EP Year: 2016
Blasting I'm a true don, pass the Grey Poupon / All these rappers suck, they need a deal, go to Groupon
Artist: K. Sparks Track: "Jazz Theory" Album: Seasons Theme Year: 2016
I forgot to learn my lesson / Do you have any Grey Poupon? / Baby, it’s a long, a long dumb road for me
Artist: Mean Jeans Track: "Long Dumb Road" Album: Tight New Dimension Year: 2016
In Maille With a Grey Poupon Yeah
Artist: Mouthe Track: "Hallelujah" Album: Single Year: 2016
Sipping Grey Poupon, yo / Passing out like Rondo
Artist: Dingo Johnson Track: "6 AM in San Antonio" Album: Make San Antonio Great Again Year: 2016
Copped the new coupe with the coupon / Fresh seats black and the shit Grey Poupon / Get up out the way, of anything Shawn poop on / Shawty got more brain then that n---- Jimmy Neutron
Artist: T-Shawn Track: "Vodka" Album: Ok Cool Mixtape Year: 2016
Never had shit, so I blew mines / The sky’s grey like Poupon / We wishing it was Tucson
Artist: Jonathan Hay, Cyhi the Prynce (feat. Aesja, Lil JSean, & Ana) Track: "Long Damn Time" Album: The Urban Hitchcock LP Year: 2016