Jessica Leeds
When she got an upgrade to first class on a business flight, Leeds sat next to Donald Trump, who grabbed her breasts and tried to reach up her skirt — "like an octopus," she recalled. (New York Times)
Jill Harth
makeup artist
Harth met Trump while making a beauty pageant business deal, and says he repeatedly kissed and groped her, including in a bedroom at Mar-a-Lago. (The Guardian)
Ivana Trump
Trump's ex-wife
Although she now says her story was "without merit," in a divorce deposition in 1992, Ivana Trump described a violent sexual assault by her then-husband. (The Daily Beast)
Kristin Anderson
former model
Trump reached up her skirt at a nightclub without even having been introduced to her and touched her vagina through her underwear, she said. (Washington Post)
Lisa Boyne
Health food entrepreneur
At a dinner, Trump looked up women's skirts and commented on their underwear and genitalia. (A friend Boyne says she told at the time did not confirm her story.) (Huffington Post)
Temple Taggart
Miss Utah 1997
When Taggart was 21 and Miss Utah, Trump introduced himself to her by kissing her directly on the lips — something she thought was "gross." (New York Times)
Mariah Billado
Miss Vermont Teen USA 1997
Trump walked into the dressing room while teenage beauty pageant contestants — ages 15 to 19 — were changing, Billado and three anonymous contestants said. (BuzzFeed)
Cathy Heller
Mar-a-Lago club guest
Heller was sitting with her family at a Mother's Day brunch at Mar-a-Lago. She says when Trump came around to introduce himself, he grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips twice. (Guardian)
Karena Virginia
Yoga instructor, life coach
Virginia was waiting for a car service outside the US Open in 1998 when Trump said "Look at those legs" to the men he was with, then grabbed her arm and touched the inside of her breast. (NBC)
Bridget Sullivan
Miss New Hampshire 2000
Trump walked through the dressing rooms of pageant contestants when they were naked in 2000. (BuzzFeed)
Tasha Dixon
Miss Arizona 2001
When the Miss USA 2001 contestants were changing into bikinis, Trump "just came strolling right on in," said Dixon, who was 18 at the time.  (CBS Los Angeles)
Natasha Stoynoff
former People magazine reporter who covered Trump in the early 2000s
When Stoynoff was at Mar-a-Lago to report a feature on Trump's first anniversary with his wife Melania in 2005, Trump pushed her against a wall, kissed her, stuck his tongue into her mouth, and said, “We’re going to have an affair.” (People)
Rachel Crooks
former receptionist who worked in Trump Tower in 2005
When she introduced herself to Trump when she was 22, he kissed her on the cheek and then on the lips. A few days later, he asked for her number to, he said, give to a modeling agency. (New York Times)
Mindy McGillivray
When she was 23, McGillivray helped a photographer friend with an event at Mar-a-Lago. Near the end of the evening, she said, Donald Trump groped her behind. (Palm Beach Post)
Jennifer Murphy
The Apprentice contestant
Murphy met with Trump for a job interview after she was fired from The Apprentice, and he kissed her on the lips while walking her to the elevator afterward. (Grazia)
Jessica Drake
adult film star
Drake met Trump at a golf tournament at Lake Taho in 2006, she said at a press conference with Gloria Allred. He hugged her tightly and kissed her on the lips, later invited her to his suite, and either he or someone representing him offered $10,000 for Drake to have sex with him, she said. (press conference)
Ninni Laaksonen
former Miss Finland
Laaksonen says Trump groped her behind in 2006 before she appeared on a television show in New York with other Miss Universe contestants. "He really grabbed my butt," she said. (Ilta-Sanomat newspaper)
Summer Zervos
The Apprentice contestant
Zervos, in a press conference with attorney Gloria Allred, said Trump kissed her on the lips when she visited his office in New York, invited her to dinner, but instead took her to a hotel bungalow, groped her and tried to have sex with her.
Cassandra Searles
Miss Washington 2013
In a Facebook comment, Searles said that Trump "grabbed my ass" and repeatedly invited her up to his hotel room. (Yahoo News)